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Motivating and inspiring women and aspiring female entrepreneurs,
how to build a successful business while maintaining a life, family, fun balance.

Our Story

When Jennifer and Jacqui first met back in 2014, they hit it off right away and knew they would be lifelong friends. They shared similar values and their mutual passion for Chinese Astrology led them on a search for the remaining member to their perfect trio – the missing Pig to their Sheep and Rabbit.

In 2020 they finally found their Pig when Linh waltzed into their lives. Ever since that moment, they knew they would be family for life – all for one and one for all!

Linh, Jennifer and Jacqui created the Rice and Shine Show to share their female Asian perspectives manoeuvring through life’s challenges, and to give a voice to those who are also treading the fine line between living in Western culture with an Eastern upbringing.

What is the Rice & Shine Show?

The Rice and Shine Show is a show owned by DAWN Media Productions made for first-generation Asian women and those who want to be entertained with a sneak peek and behind-the-scenes insight into the experiences of Asian women thriving in western culture.

Linh, Jennifer, and Jacqui are passionate about elevating diverse voices and stories, and inspiring women everywhere to embrace their authenticity. Their dream is to inspire and empower women everywhere to awaken to the infinite possibilities of life because whatever you desire is only a thought away.

Our Show Hosts

Linh Podetti

"There’s no escalator to success, you have to take the stairs."

Migrated to Australia from Vietnam at 9 years old and becoming a single mother at the age of 20; Linh Podetti overcame every hurdle along her way. Determined to create a brighter future for her son, Linh started her first eCommerce business in 2009 which she built from scratch. Linh then sold her business and leveraged her outsourcing expertise to start a successful marketing agency and video animation business. Finally, in 2015 she launched Outsourcing Angel, a social enterprise and offshore recruitment company.

Outsourcing Angel is now a million dollar business with over 70 Virtual Assistants all over the world. Not only does the company allow business owners to free-up their time, it allows everyone to contribute to a greater cause. Company profits from Outsourcing Angel are used to fund charity initiatives such as feeding programs and clean water projects to help poverty stricken communities in the Philippines. Linh is now a mother of 3 kids, running 3 businesses from home and continues to inspire others through Speaker Events, Podcasts and Social Media.

Jennifer Cao

"Every obstacle has an opportunity."

Jennifer Cao is a vietnamese refugee, migrated to Australia in 1977. Growing up with strict parents, holding asian values while integrating into western cultures at school was challenging. After three failed suicide attempts from an arranged marriage, she decided to take her young daughters to a women’s refuge, asked for a divorce, take control and redesigned her life. The journey is far from easy, it requires an open mind, a lot of hope and faith, self discipline, perseverance and ongoing education in a variety of facets of her life.

Over the years, Jennifer developed her skills in customer service, retail, wholesale, beauty therapy, property investments, business strategies and public speaking. These days in her early 50s, Jennifer is a mother of two grown daughters in their late 20s. She is physically active, enjoys daily walks, swim, and weekly dance practice. She aspires to share her perspectives to inspire people to be open, to have hope and faith and be awake and aware of the infinite possibilities of life. Jennifer considers motherhood as her major achievement in life.

Jacqui Ashley

"Give it a go or you will never know!"

Jacqui Ashley is an Australian born Chinese, based in Sydney and is a mother of two. Jacqui’s early career began in hospitality. Going to Hong Kong working for a 5 Star Hotel Chain was initially a tough ride because of the culture shock and bullying in the workplace. However, Jacqui persevered, gaining the right skill set and experience working in various roles and worked her ways up as a Sales Manager managing a team of Account Managers for a promotion company. After meeting her English hubby in Hong Kong they decided to return home to Sydney, Australia.

Jacqui spent the next five years helping her father run a motel and pub.In 2008 she set up a legal recruitment business, where she learnt about personal development, sparking her interest in coaching. Obtaining her qualification in the area of coaching, Jacqui decided to turn her coaching business into a full time role after the birth of her two children. Jacqui’s mission is to inspire, empower and transform as many lives as she can while continuing on her own learning journey, enjoying life, and spending quality time with her family and friends.

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